Tove Hermanson

Fashion writer

Tove Hermanson's formal training has included studies in English, Art History, and Costume Design; her professional experience has somewhat humorously been in technology / databases, teaching, and museum fundraising. Her equally eclectic interests include color theory; burlesque; yarn and paper crafts; films made before and during the Hays Code; and dark, brooding musicals.

A self-described "costume culturalist," Tove inevitably filters the cultural activities and literature she consumes through a fashion-historical lens to gain insight into politics, social and class struggles, gender and sexual identity themes, race issues, and more. She currently runs her Thread for Thought fashion culture blog from New York City and contributes to the academic fashion blog Worn Through. Additionally, she is the Editor of the Costume Society of America's monthly E-Newsletter, and she lectures ad-hoc. Until recently, Tove worked for the Whitney Museum and she welcomes opportunities and collaborations related to fashion historical research, writing, exhibitions, and lectures.

She loves to hear from readers with comments, suggestions, and invitations:

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