Tracy Metro

Tracy Metro was eco-chic before eco and chic were hyphenated. An avid re-user and a practical-environmentalist, Metro (and yes, that is her real name!) believes “one small change really can change the world.” She has been devoted to the eco-movement for the last decade and through her passion for shopping and an intimate relationship with Mr. Mastercard, has come to the conclusion that “going green can actually save you some green!” Who knew? Tracy Metro knew!

As a result of intensive sessions of retail therapy and her commitment to the environment, she was asked to host the anticipated Discovery series, Green Gadgets. On the show, Metro highlights not only the latest and greatest eco-friendly gadgets to hit the marketplace, but she also shares her pearls of shopping wisdom while educating consumers on the environmental impact of their purchases.

Tracy loves her gossip and is there any better kind besides green celebrity gossip? She thinks not, so she happily writes and hosts segments for Ecorazzi. Come the new year, you'll also be able to check out her eco-crafting column in the new magazine, Positively Green.

A longtime Prius driver (well before it was the celebrity car of choice), Metro has been anti-paper towels, pro-eco technology and a believer that scouring thrift shops for vintage clothing and house wares is the ultimate in recycling! Not to mention, wearing vintage ensures that you’ll never walk into a party looking like anybody else. Above it all, she doesn’t think everyone needs to be as nutty as she is to do some good! If everyone made one small change and just stopped drinking bottled water (which Tracy is occasionally guilty of, too!), in one year we could save the world 1.5 million barrels of oil used to make the 38 billion plastic bottles we use*. YIKES!

Tracy and her husband, Marty, have a dream to one day build an entirely green, off-the-grid home as soon as they have enough green… but, in the meantime, they are in the midst of greening their vintage houseboat, aptly named Green Anchors. After personally redoing two homes, Tracy is hammering away on her houseboat to make it an entirely footprint-less vessel outfitted with a bio-diesel engine, a wind turbine for power and reclaimed everything on the inside (floor, appliances, furniture…). Tracy is a do-it-yourselfer 21st Century style.

In 2002, the Metros founded the earth-friendly company, (UCB), a concept they began testing back in 1997. This company that asks people to make “one small change” and reuse cardboard boxes is now a national leader in for-profit, eco-friendly companies. UCB is known as the nation's cheapest, easiest, most earth-friendly way to get boxes for packing, moving, shipping and storage!TM They say that there’s no reason to cut down a tree just to make a used box! The company has been voted one of the 10 best green companies of 2007 by the Coop of America. Through Tracy and Marty’s relentless passion, this fast growing brand has garnered impressive media attention (ABC, CBS, NBC, Entrepreneur Magazine and even Daily Candy) and now services every corner of the United States, through 6 regional distribution centers. It has been referred to as “the best thing since canned beer!” And they couldn’t agree more, so drink up!

While Tracy has done everything in the organization from taking orders, to delivering them, to cleaning the toilet (with non-toxic cleaners, of course!) she is no longer involved with the day to day operations of the company. Instead, she focuses her time on bringing the green lifestyle to the masses through television as the Green Eyed Shopper…triple entendre intended!