Mary Moss

Feisty single mom, advocate, writer, reality TV fan!

Mary is a 45 year old mother to a terrific 18 year old teenage son who just happens to be transgender. She grew up and currently lives in Upstate New York. She earned a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from SUNY at Albany. She works full time for the New York State Education Department monitoring and supporting professionals in recovery. She believes in order to open minds you must first open hearts so she began speaking publicly after her son came out as transgender in 2010 at age 12.She and her son taped an episode of the Katie Couric TV show in 2013 and have been a part of two France TV specials and an Australian documentary. The role of advocate came naturally since she was diagnosed as a baby with Rheumatoid Arthritis in all joints and grew up in a wheelchair. She was able to walk after hard work and having her knees and hips replaced as a teenager. She believes life is not about what happens to you but your attitude towards what happens. She is currently working on her memoir: Grieving a Child Who is Still Alive: A Mother's Journey to Embrace Her Transgender Son. She enjoys reading thrillers and sappy romance novels, loves coffee and openly admits to being a reality TV addict.She makes herself available to all of her readers via her email: