Travis Bruner

Executive Director of Western Watersheds Project

Travis Bruner, Western Watersheds Project’s Executive Director, is an outdoorsman, attorney, and musician who lives in Hailey, Idaho.

Travis grew up in Bozeman, Montana where his love of nature began. He went out to the East Coast for college but came to his senses quickly and returned to the West afterwards, forever. Travis then lived in Oregon for about three years and Colorado for ten. Throughout his life as a hiker, camper, fly-fisherman, and upland bird hunter, Travis has been haunted by the environmental impacts of grazing. No other harmful use of the public lands is more pervasive or under-addressed. From an acreage perspective, grazing overshadows all other uses of the western public lands — by a long shot.

Eventually, Travis decided to pursue a career where he could influence decision-making in accordance with his values, with protecting public lands from grazing as his ultimate aim. In May 2013, Travis graduated from the University of Colorado Law School with an aim to protect wildlife habitat on public lands in the West from livestock grazing and other anthropomorphic impacts.

As Executive Director, Travis continues WWP’s unrivaled work on grazing in the West. He strategizes around government agency grazing decisions and policy and advocating for the removal of livestock from public lands. He also endeavors to improve legislation and national policy regarding the management of public lands in the West.