Travis Rejman

Executive Director of the Goldin Institute

Travis Rejman is the Executive Director of the Goldin Institute, a global platform dedicated to building grassroots partnerships for global change that are rooted in the power of communities working together to build their own solutions and determine their own futures. We help communities achieve their goals through a combination of online and on the ground initiatives focused on addressing poverty alleviation, women's leadership, environmental sustainability and conflict resolution. Prior to starting the Goldin Institute with Founder Diane Goldin, Travis served as Director for the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions, leading the development of the program for the 2004 (Barcelona) and 1999 (Cape Town) Parliaments of the World's Religions. In addition to working in the interreligious field, Travis worked in the environmental movement, focusing on coalition building, grassroots education and civic engagement. Travis currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Gia, and sons, Maxwell and Enzo.

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