Treva Brandon Scharf

Writer, Dating Expert, Fitness Professional

Treva Brandon Scharf is a Los Angeles based writer, dating expert, and fitness professional. After years of living single, Treva finally met the man of her dreams and got married for the first time at the age of 51 in May 2014. As an authority on blind dates, boyfriends and break-ups, she knows what it takes to triumph through it all. She writes about being single and finding love later in life at her blog, The Late Blooming Bride. Her dating advice can be also be found at Better After 50, AARP, and Midlife Boulevard, as well as dating websites CurvesConnect and OlderDatingU.K. Treva brings a tough love approach to her work as a fitness professional and dating expert. She is direct, no nonsense, and kick ass when it comes to getting fit or getting hitched. When Treva isn’t blogging, or ghost writing dating profiles for her friends, she is up at 6am training private clients, or preparing for her next marathon. Treva also volunteers as a Fulfillment Fund mentor and a Special Olympics coach. She is passionate about politics, policy and people of all ages and abilities.