Trish DeLuca

Mother, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Student, Writer

Trish’s career has spanned over 30 years, primarily in the field of Human Resources - specializing in Employee Benefits. Trish is redefining success in her life,specifically through the paradigmatic change from structured career into following her desire to pursue academic challenges, and to write about all of her past, present, and future experiences. Having worked in a NYC advertising agency, a teaching hospital in Philadelphia, and an international accounting firm, she ended her career in Human Resources in 2007 in a financial services company. Unexpected illness stopped her from working for a time, giving her enough distance to reconsider both priorities and following some of her long held dreams. She returned to college, began writing daily, earned certification as a Recovery Support Practitioner while concurrently serving on N.J. State's Citizens Advisory Council for several years (an advocacy group that supports ongoing change and improvement in the treatment of addiction and mental illness), providing a presence for those affected by these illnesses and a voice to support government initiatives and community awareness. A mother of two grown and vital sons, Trish is embracing her new meaning of success: identifying what drives us from our hearts and souls, and then, pursuing it with passion.