Eric Trules

USC Theater Prof Emeritus, Podcaster ("e-travels with e. trules"), Solo Performer, Doc Filmmaker ("The Poet and the Con"), former modern dancer and professional clown

Eric Trules, more commonly known as just "Trules", is an Associate Professor of Theatre Practice Emeritus at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, where he was been a faculty member from 1986 -2017. He has also been a Fulbright Scholar, an Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award winner, and a documentary filmmaker ("The Poet and the Con"). He is also currently a travel blogger and podcaster ("e-travels with e. trules"), a spoken word artist, and a solo performer. In former lives, he has been a modern dancer, poet, actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and most proudly, a professional clown. He ran for Mayor of New York City as clown candidate, Gino Cumeezi, and he finished "5th out of 4 candidates". See more about him at:

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