Tanya Young Williams

Crisis Management Expert, University Lecturer, On-Air Legal Analyst, Host of IN THE LOOP, Chic Against Domestic Violence

2013-01-26-tanyaheadshot.jpgTanya R. Young Williams is a University Lecturer, TV Personality, on-air legal analyst, HLN on-air panelist, contributor to Huffingtonpost, inspirational speaker and a celebrity spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence organizations. Tanya was thrust into the public spotlight when her estranged husband, former NBA All-Star, Jayson Williams, was tried for the fatal shooting of his limo driver in 2002. She is called upon to offer her expert opinion on high-profile trials, celebrity troubles, domestic violence, dealing with tragedy and traumatic events and family matters. Tanya has covered numerous high-profile trials as a legal analyst for award-winning station KTLA, and a contributor to HuffingtonPost Black Voices. She has a unique perspective that makes her commentary powerfully enlightening to her audiences. As a journalist, Tanya's has been featured on HuffingtonPost's front page, and she has contributed to the Dailybeast, and As a television personality, Tanya starred in the VH1's controversial hit series, Basketball Wives LA. Nationally, Williams has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning America, The Early Show, CNN, HLN, ESPN, Anderson Cooper, The Mike Huckabee Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, KTLA, WPIX, and FoxNY. Tanya is a captivating public speaker and is often called to speak at a wide variety of events and workshops. Her advocacy of regaining your personal power extends to all audiences. The New Jersey Regional Council of the National Women’s History Museum also recently named Williams an Honorable Woman of New Jersey. Tanya has spent the greater part of her life studying religion, philosophy and emotional wellness. Tanya penned, “I’m Tired! Carry Your Own S#!T (Oops I Mean Bags) A 7 Day Journey to Peace, Passion and Purpose. Tanya lives in Manhattan, New York and Los Angeles. She is the mother of two daughters, Tryumph and Whizdom.