UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative

Envisioned and Supported by Jane and Terry Semel. Making the healthy choice the easy choice for UCLA students, staff, and faculty.

The UCLA Chancellor Block’s Healthy Campus Initiative, envisioned and supported by Jane and Terry Semel, prioritizes the health and wellness of students, staff, and faculty. It is a campuswide effort to draw upon UCLA’s world-renowned research and teaching, to find new and innovative ways to promote healthy living on the UCLA campus, and to share that education and research with other communities, locally and beyond. The multi-pronged program is rooted in UCLA's long-term commitment to fostering a culture of mental and physical health and wellness. The Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) supports the enhancement and expansion of current health and wellness efforts; offers new and interesting approaches to exercise, mental health, and eating well; encourages the creation of new projects, programs, and policies; fosters synergies and coordination among the myriad groups and programs that support health and wellness at UCLA; and provides students, staff, and faculty with fun and exciting ways to make it easy to be healthy and fit. HCI promotes health and wellness for the UCLA community by supporting the “healthy choice as the easy choice” through our major thematic areas, called pods: MindWell, MoveWell, EatWell, BEWell (Build Environment), and BreatheWell (Tobacco-Free).