A paratrooper turned award-winning jewelry designer, Udi Behr is a native of Israel who lived through three wars and is determined to create things of beauty that promote peace. After learning his trade in the PP diamond industry, Udi’s fame as an original designer took off upon his arrival in New York City in 1983. Udi has won acclaim everywhere from The New York Times to People for his iconic lp jewelry, including Designer of the Year honors from Luxury Magazine and the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s Essential Piece Award, recognizing his continued support for the LGBT community in the workplace and beyond. His jewelry collections have been showcased in leading retail stores. The events of 9/11 marked a turning point in Udi’s life, inspiring him to launch loveandpride and design exclusive jewelry collections espousing values of love, peace, hope, tolerance, diversity, and equality. He and his family still live in lower Manhattan.