Jordan Figueiredo

Speaker, Writer, and Anti-Food Waste Activist

Through social media, writing, talks and activism Jordan connects and ignites the movement to end food waste and hunger. Most notably through The Ugly Fruit And Veg Campaign which uses funny, bizarre, and beautiful images of produce in order to highlight the 20-40% of all fruits and vegetables that go to waste, before stores, due to optional grocer cosmetic standards. The Campaign, through, has been successful in petitioning Whole Foods Market and Walmart to sell ugly produce. The Campaign has also been featured on the TODAY Show, in Huffington Post, NPR, Upworthy, Mic, Think Progress, CBS News, Los Angeles Times, and many others. Along with more than 145,000 people in 190 countries, you can follow The Ugly Fruit And Veg Campaign on Twitter, Instagram, We Heart It and Facebook. For more, visit