Linda Scruggs RN, BSN

Nurse with a passion to improve patient/caregiver experience. Specializing in patient education, and writing about parenting and family health at

Linda Scruggs is a registered nurse, writer, and clinical educator. She found her true calling to become a nurse after 9/11, and merges over ten years as a healthcare professional with a corporate tech background. Her passion is to amplify the voices of patients and caregivers and writes with a personal and transparent tone. As a digital health and social media enthusiast, she believes in using technologies to promote wellness, provide education, and propose social good. Linda is a dedicated mom and writes at about parenting and family health. As a nurse, she has a habit of disrupting healthcare to improve patient experience and engagement. Through Linda's freelance writing and consulting work, she uses the evolving digital landscape to deliver clinical knowledge in an efficient and accessible way.