Usha Haley

Author, Professor and Center Director

Usha Haley (PhD, Stern School of Business, New York University) is Professor of Management and Director of the Robbins Center for Global Business and Strategy, West Virginia University. She blogs on business and government in China, India and other emerging markets as well as on international trade.

Usha's latest book Subsidies to Chinese Industry (with Oxford University Press) highlights how the Chinese state has strategically used subsidies to become a global manufacturing powerhouse with implications for business strategy and trade policy. She has more than 200 publications and presentations (including Harvard Business Review and California Management Review). Her books include the best selling Chinese Tao of Business (on business with China), New Asian Emperors (on business with Southeast Asia), and Multinational Corporations in Political Environments (on why sanctions and boycotts did not work against South Africa and rarely work in general).

Usha has worked with businesses and governments in the USA, Asia, Latin America, Australasia and Europe. In the USA, she has testified on her research to the US Congress including the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission and twice before the Committee on Ways and Means including on the federal legislation, the Non-market Economy Trade Remedy Act. She has presented on her research on China several times before governmental agencies including the US International Trade Commission, US Department of Commerce and US Trade Representative

In 2012, the Academy of Management, the largest and oldest Management academic association in the world, gave her the Practice Impact Award for influential scholarship. In 2011, the Economist identified her as a Thought Leader on emerging markets. Her expertise is regularly profiled in the international media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, San Francisco Chronicle, International Herald Tribune, CNN, BusinessWeek, the Economist, Barron’s, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, PBS, CNBC, NPR and Voice of America.

She may be reached through , email and followed on Twitter @uhaley.