Valerie Orsoni

Healthy Living Coach and Founder, Author of 24 books, Weight Loss Sensation <a href="">LeBootCamp</a>

Valerie is a wellness coach and founder of the wildly popular weight loss sensation LeBootCamp – the #1 French Diet. Both innovative and progressive, LeBootCamp is all about making healthy lifestyle adjustments that do not demand members to restrict their diet or count points/calories. Instead, LeBootCamp helps participants enjoy their lives and discover the benefits and immediate results that can be gained through improved overall wellbeing and different forms of exercise. LeBootCamp now has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, with an average of 26lbs lost and never regained.

Recognized worldwide for her work in motivation, weight loss and fitness, Valerie can provide interesting insight, tips and advice to the Huffington Post readers on how to achieve their goals when it comes to fitness and wellness in their everyday lives! A talented writer, Orsoni has also authored books on coaching in business, and in health, fitness and weight loss. Recent works include Happy about Joint Venturing and 30 Day Boot Camp: Your Ultimate Weight Loss Journey. In addition, Valerie has recently been featured in media outlets including Today in New York, Good Day in Atlanta, SELF Magazine, Good Morning America, Food & Wine, Health and Parenting Magazine.

Her latest book "Le Personal Coach" (Reader's Digest) came out in the USA in January 2011.