Van Gosse

Activist and Historian

I teach U.S. history at Franklin & Marshall College, and I have been a peace and solidarity activist since the 1970s, in groups like CISPES, Peace Action, and United for Peace and Justice. I co-founded Historians Against the War in 2003, and continue to be very active in it. I've written or edited four books and many articles. My scholarship focuses on the African American struggle for full citizenship since the American Revolution, the New Left as a "movement of movements," and the Cold War in Latin America. At Franklin & Marshall, since 2004, I have co-chaired the F&M Votes campaign, a student/faculty/staff effort to register, educate, and turn-out our students to vote, which has brought thousands of students to the polls. My website is, where you can find many of my writings, and my full academic CV and bio is at