Vanessa Cunningham

Nutrition & Wellness Expert

Vanessa Cunningham is a Huffington Post contributor, nutrition & wellness expert of Unhealthy No More, Inc., best selling author, writer and speaker. She helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs reduce stress, banish unhealthy cravings, lose weight and increase their energy levels. Through her one-on-one coaching programs, dynamic workshops and scintillating blog posts, she empowers her clients to thrive at work and in life. She is also the founder of Take 15, which is a campaign that encourages people to make time to nourish their mind, body, and spirt - even if it's only 15 minutes a day. Vanessa has also been featured on U.S. News Travel, CNN iReport, Black Enterprise, Essence, MommyNoire, MindBodyGreen, and Everything Girls Love. Her adoring clients have called her a "tell it like it is coach" and a"transformational coach." And when she’s not teaching busy professionals how to live a balanced life and fit healthy living into their hectic schedules, you can find her indulging in self-help books, hanging out with her friends in NYC, or with her family in Long Island.