Vanessa Andris

CEO, The Prosfos Institute, Exceptional Leaders for a Complex World

Based on 27 years of success in her own international consulting practice and her commitment to improve the lives of global citizens, Vanessa Andris founded The Prosfos Institute to bring together multiple supports for increasing leadership effectiveness in a complex world.

She is a highly-trusted consultant, advisor, and coach dedicated to helping leaders manage their organizations, stakeholders, and themselves to achieve desired results.

Vanessa is frequently called upon to design and facilitate discussion and decision-making events for world-class global leaders addressing multifaceted challenges and demanding opportunities. Senior leadership also depends on her to evaluate innovative initiatives and make recommendations in the context of organizational strategy, current and future effectiveness.

She works with the World Bank Group designing interventions for improving organizational effectiveness and leadership development at both senior levels and with staff. Other clients include the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Pan-American Health Organization, Brookings Institution, American University, National Institute of Health, MITRE, Homeland Security, Café Milano, and numerous private individuals.

A first-generation American of European descent, Vanessa is fluid in large-scale multi-cultural environments. She is adept at tailoring her own style with respect to the client’s cultural preferences and cited for the insight, authenticity, flexibility, and commitment she brings to her work.

Through partnerships and operation of her own businesses including restaurant franchises, a real estate project built in partnership with local and national government, leadership of major philanthropic initiatives, and her own consulting practice, Vanessa incorporates real time start-up to bottom-line experience into helping clients to develop new enterprises from mission planning through implementation.

She is an accomplished writer frequently published in the Huffington Post World section, and currently completing a memoir, “Thank You for Saying Good-Bye,” making sense of the life of a Ukrainian WWII Displaced Persons Camp survivor. Vanessa is an evocative motivational speaker who has addressed 400 person member audiences.

She is a graduate of Cornell University, B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, and American University/National Training Labs, M.S.O.D., Master of Science in Organizational Development. Vanessa is a certified Executive Coach with expertise in Intercultural Conflict Styles, Action Learning, and Myers-Briggs.

She lives in Washington, D.C., travels internationally, and whenever possible reenergizes in the mountains and beaches of Greece, her ancestral home.