Vanisha Breault

Speaker, coach and social advocate, inspiring people to live courageously and provide the essential tools for resilient living!

Vanisha Breault, a speaker, coach and social advocate, inspires people to live courageously and provide the essential tools for resilient living.
At the age of 12, after years of sexual abuse and a childhood of trauma, she dreamed of being a prostitute as abuse was all she knew, as a means of escape, she instead turned to alcohol. After losing her mother to schizophrenia, her family collapsed resulting in Vanisha going from foster home, to foster home. At the age of 18 when the seemingly evident only two options available to her were death, or an institution, Vanisha entered her first AA meeting. This was the beginning of reclaiming her life and moving ahead with courage and clarity. Vanisha has experienced difficulties and challenges and has used her past along with her skills and education to help others thrive after facing their own adversities.

She is gifted in helping others transform their lives, providing inspiration and hope. She is an exceptional communicator who speaks with clarity, passion, and effectiveness.

Vanisha is a social advocate, speaker and coach, working to change the laws that surround parental rights with kids abusing drugs. Her voice can be heard across the country as she speaks openly and courageously about her own recovery and the current drug addiction of her daughter, Eden.

She is passionate about raising awareness and compassion for those struggling with addiction, and in combating the stigma of this issue. She has used her own strength, resilience and compassion taken from her own life’s journey, to help others do the same. Vanisha shows that, no matter what obstacles one might face in their lifetime, you can overcome and build a life of resiliency and hope.

Vanisha is an inspiration to her community as she works to provide hope and a better, brighter future for those in need. Vanisha has worked for many years in the Not for Profit Sector, she has been instrumental in impacting change and promoting the work of Habitat for Humanity within the community. She has also organized and facilitated the first ever Adolescent Addiction Awareness Run/Walk with 100% of the proceeds going towards off setting treatment fees for families through AARC, (Adolescent Addiction Recovery Centre).

It is Vanisha’s personal goal to encourage people to break free from the shame of whatever is holding them back, and to be released into wholehearted living!

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