Varun Gupta

New Yorker by heart, Californian by Residency. Concerned citizen, socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Varun Gupta is an Indian citizen and American resident. He is vice president in a major global bank based in New York City. His principal responsibilities include working with American businesses and help them get funding for growth and expand internationally. Prior to that he has worked for three years in management consulting helping large corporations solve complex problems and grow globally. He has spent his working life evenly split in emerging and developed markets that has helped him develop a holistic perspective of economy, society and life. A devout Arsenal fan, he is beginning to fall in love with the Giants and Celtics. He writes on economic matters, international relations and foreign policy and contemporary politics.

Varun holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and BA in Economics and Accounting from Delhi University, India. He also holds a graduate diploma in Management of Innovation and New Technology from McMaster University, Canada. He grew up in Delhi and has lived in Delhi, NYC and London. Varun can be reached at His twitter handle is @ intnlgypsy.