Verena von Pfetten

Editor in Chief,

Verena von Pfetten is Editor in Chief of <a href=""></a> and formerly the Living Editor at The Huffington Post. She was the Sr. Editor, Lifestyle and Entertainment for <a href="">Air America Media</a> and is a graduate of Columbia University, where she majored in English and graduated with Honors from the Creative Writing Program. She has written for <a href="">Jezebel</a>, <a href="">The Daily Beast</a>, <a href="">The Daily Scanner</a>,, <a href="">Lemon Drop</a> and <em>Town & Country</em>. She has also made appearances on <em>GMA Now</em>, <em>Good Day New York</em>, and CNN Headline News.<br /> <br /> Her interests include reading (a lot: blogs, books, magazines, and subway grafitti), writing, and her French Bulldog, Dumbo, who's both as unintelligent and adorable as he sounds.<br /> <br /> Oh, and also: She's Canadian.