Victoria Noe

Writer on grief; author, 'Friend Grief and Anger,' 'Friend Grief and AIDS','Friend Grief and 9/11', Friend Grief and the Military

Victoria Noe has been a writer most of her life, but she didn’t admit it until 2009.<br /> <br /> After earning a master's degree in speech and dramatic art from the University of Iowa, she moved to Chicago, where she worked professionally as a stage manager, director and administrator, in addition to being a founding board member of the League of Chicago Theatres. She then transferred her skills to being a professional fundraiser, raising money for arts, educational and AIDS service organizations, and later an award-winning sales consultant of children’s books. <br /> <br /> Noe also trained hundreds of people around the country in marketing, event planning and grant writing. But after a concussion impacted her ability to continue in sales, she switched gears to keep a promise to a dying friend to write a book.<br /> <br /> That book is now a series. The first three, <em><a href="" target="_hplink">Friend Grief and Anger: When Your Friend Dies and No One Gives a Damn</a></em>, <em><a href="" target="_hplink">Friend Grief and AIDS: Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends</a></em>, and <em><a href="" target="_hplink">Friend Grief and 9/11: The Forgotten Mourners</a></em>, were published in 2013. <br /> <br /> "Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends" was published in 2014. The fifth book in the series, "Friend Grief in the Workplace: More Than an Empty Cubicle" will be published in July, 2015<br /> <br /> Noe is a member of Chicago Writers Association and ACT UP/NY. Her freelance articles have appeared on numerous grief and writing blogs, as well as <em>Windy City Times</em> and the <em>Chicago Tribune</em>. In addition, she feeds her reading habit by reviewing a wide variety of books on A native St. Louisan, she’s a lifelong Cardinals fan and will gladly take on any comers in musical theater trivia. You can follow her on her website Twitter <a href="" target="_hplink">@Victoria_Noe</a>.

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