Boria Sax

Author, 'Imaginary Animals,' The Mythical Zoo,' 'Stealing Fire,' Animals in the Third Reich'.

Boria Sax has published about 20 books, most of which are about human-animal relations in folklore, history, and other aspects of human culture, which have been translated into many languages, as well as poetry and fiction. His most recent book is Stealing Fire: Memoir of a Boyhood in the Shadow of Atomic Espionage. He has also won national awards for e-learning, and is a mentor in the Sloan-C Certificate program in online teaching, and teaches in the graduate literature program of Mercy College. He also teaches liberal arts courses at Sing Sing and Taconic prisons, where he has “perhaps the most engaged, interested college students in the world.” His latest project is a cultural history of lizards. For more on his writing, you may go to: