Marcello Arrambide

Entrepreneur, Day Trader, Blogger, Sushi Aficionado

Marcello Arrambide is an international travel blogger, entrepreneur, and day trader. He runs one of the world's most popular travel blogs, Wandering Trader, he also teaches day traders how to become financially independent via his day trading education programs at Day Trading Academy. Marcello has been featured in BBC, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Inquistr, and the hit TV show House Hunters. Marcello was born overseas but his family came to the United States when he was 5 years old for a chance at a better life. While he traveled with his family while he was young it wasn't until his he graduated from college and began traveling on his own that his lust for travel developed. After a trip to Costa Rica and Iceland in 2009, Marcello eventually decided to quite his job, day trade for a living, and travel the world. He has been traveling around the world for over 7 years, has visited over 90 countries and all 7 different continents.