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Wendell Potter is an author and strategic communications consultant. A former health insurance executive, Wendell left his job as head of communications for one of the nation's largest health insurers after a crisis of conscience. In widely covered testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Technology Committee during the health care reform debate, Wendell disclosed how insurance companies, as part of their efforts to boost profits, engaged in practices that resulted in millions of Americans being forced into the ranks of the uninsured. He also described how the insurance industry had carried out deception-based communications plans over the years to defeat numerous health care reform initiatives at both the state and federal levels. A former newspaper reporter, Wendell wrote for papers in Memphis and Nashville and later for Scripps-Howard news service, where he covered Congress, the White House and Supreme Court. His new book, Nation on the Take, How Big Money Corrupts Democracy and What We Can Do About It, (Bloomsbury), will be published March 1, 2015. His other books include Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans, and Obamacare: What's in It for Me: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Affordable Care Act. To find out more about Wendell, please visit his website at