Leslie Marshall

Political Pundit and On-Air Contributor for Fox News

Leslie Marshall is a Political Pundit and On-Air Contributor for Fox News Channel. She presents her analysis from a liberal, progressive point of view. She also hosts “The Leslie Marshall Show,” a Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show. Originally from Boston, Leslie obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communications from Northeastern University and attended the Master’s Program in Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College. Leslie started her talk radio career at WNWS in Miami, Florida in 1988; and, quite by accident. She was a News Anchor and was asked to fill in for the talk host who had become ill and thus, a career was born. Marshall stayed at WNWS for 3 years before doing brief stints in West Palm Beach (WJNO), Milwaukee ( WTMJ) and Cleveland (WWWE). She moved on to Buffalo (WGR) and Houston (KPRC). In both Houston & Buffalo, Marshall topped the ratings of talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh, which got the Network's attention. In 1992, Marshall was Nationally Syndicated for three years. She then returned to local radio in Chicago (WLS), San Francisco (KGO), Sacramento (KHTK) and Los Angeles (KLAC). In 2007, Marshall was syndicated for a second time, and that program is still on air today. Marshall is a self described Progressive, Liberal, Democrat and a Feminist. She says she is not afraid to stand against her party and President when she disagrees on an issue. She is very liberal on social issues; she supports Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform and Women's Rights. But, is to the right of her party when it comes to crime and punishment and supports the Death Penalty. In 1992 Leslie Marshall became the youngest person ever to be syndicated in talk radio when she replaced Tom Snyder on the Daynet/ABC Satellite Radio Network. She's been called one of the 'Hottest Women in Politics' by "The Washington Times" and one of the most influential women by “The Magazine.” She wrote an exclusive blog column for US News & World Report 2010 to 2014. The product of Jewish & Christian parents, Marshall married her husband, an Orthopedic Surgeon, who was raised in a Muslim family. She has two children; the first she adopted from Pakistan, the second, she had after 13 ivf cycles. Marshall and her family reside in Los Angeles.