Wendy Adams Mendenhall

Founder and Creative Executive Officer, The Arts Organization

Wendy Adams, Founder and Creative Executive Officer of The Arts Organization was born and raised. Among her many accomplishments, are monumental moments of life shaping, decision making. “What are you going to do when you grow up?” “An Artist? Nice hobby – get a real profession” were the themes continually running through her life and helped refine what “An Artist” actually is.

She traveled a similar path as most of us. She graduated from junior high, high school, graduating Com Latté (vente size), and finished college with a BS degree integrating a wide range of life skills with an emphasis on Varietyology, known today as XTreme liberal arts.

As Founder and Creative Director, of The Arts Organization, Wendy’s passion is to help others recognize their own inner vision and to claim and share that Art.