Wendy Keefover-Ring

WildEarth Guardians Carnivore Protection Director

Wendy Keefover-Ring, M.A., a leader in native carnivore (e.g., bears, coyotes, and wolves) conservation since 1997, built a coalition that stopped contest hunting in Colorado—the first state in the West to do so. She leads an ongoing campaign to expose the federal government’s indiscriminate wildlife-killing program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Wildlife Services”, the ironically-named branch of government that kills millions of animals each year using aerial gunning, poisoning, trapping, hounding and other nefarious methods. She works on mountain lion conservation in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana. Although mountain lions are threatened by overhunting, state agencies profit from hunting license revenues. Keefover-Ring holds an M.A in history from the University of Colorado; her research focused on environmental and health activism among politically active Colorado women--during the period 1893 to 1912.