Whitney Smith

Writer, Mother, Social Entrepreneur, Irreverent, Queer, Fierce Change is the name of the game.

Whitney initially started blogging at as a cry for help. Alone with her thoughts and fears, she wondered if they might come take her away if she started telling the raw truth about what was going on in her brain. Instead, people started encouraging her to write more and no one came to help. So it was a complete failure. When Whitney isn’t writing, she’s cleaning up after the hoard that is her family or traveling the country working as a consultant to corporations, nonprofits, and individuals who are doing good for the world through business and philanthropy. As the visionary Founder of Girls For A Change, Whitney scaled the organization from 10 girls in the U.S. to more than 20,000 girls globally during her 14-year tenure as CEO. She’s created high-visibility, multi-million dollar partnerships with such businesses as Sephora, Eileen Fisher, Kimberly Clark, and Clorox to advance the empowerment of women and girls. Whitney is a reluctant writer. One that is pretty much only writing because she has no choice—because writing is her one stable force amidst a whirlwind of nearly constant change. One might even say Fierce Change. Over the past 10 years, Whitney moved through the murder of her mother, a divorce, birth, re-marriage, post-partum depression, leaving a business she founded, founding a consulting firm, adoption of two children from foster care, losing 165 pounds, and having her partner transition gender. Whitney has been acknowledged for her accomplishments by NPR, named as one of the Most Influential Women in the Silicon Valley, and featured in the PBS/AOL documentary project Makers. You can find Whitney at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She writes about change, adoption, mothering, queer and transgender family issues, death and grief, and just about anything else she gets riled up about.

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