Wildlife SOS

A Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Non-Profit

Wildlife SOS takes action against animal cruelty, rescuing wildlife in distress, finding ways to resolve human-animal conflicts, and working to protect habitat throughout India. We work closely with ethnic communities who traditionally depended on wildlife exploitation for sustenance, providing them with alternate, sustainable livelihoods to break the cycle. Wildlife SOS also promotes ex situ research, including behavioral and reproductive physiology studies, in collaboration with national and international universities and organizations. Although we are known for putting an end to the cruel “dancing bear” practice in India, we run active projects to help India's wild and captive elephants as well as leopards, hyenas, reptiles, and other animals. Wildlife SOS has formal cooperative agreements in place with state governments and forest departments in more than nine states in India. This, coupled with a dedicated staff and volunteer crew as well as grant programs and contributions from a concerned public, helps us innovative ways to sustain and grow our mission.