William E. Jackson Jr.

Columnist, foreign policy expert, former U.S. Senate staffer and State Department/ACDA official

William E. Jackson Jr. wrote a column on the press and national security for "Editor & Publisher Online" from 2003 to 2007; and has been writing for Huffington Post since 2005. He served in the Executive Office of the President under President John Kennedy in 1963. He taught government and politics at UNC-Charlotte, and Davidson College. From 1974-77, he was chief legislative assistant for national security to the Senate Democratic Majority Whip (Alan Cranston); and served as the executive director of President Carter's General Advisory Committee on Arms Control&Disarmament, 1978-80, and Special Assistant to the Chief SALT II Negotiator, Paul Warnke. In 1980, he moved to the 7th floor of the State Department to serve in the office of Congressional Relations under Secretary of State Ed Muskie. He has been a foreign policy scholar at the Brookings Institution, and the Fulbright Institute of International Relations. In addition, he produced and hosted the political talk show "Crosshairs" on Adelphia cable television, 2000-2003. Jackson resides, and writes, in Davidson, N.C.