William Laney

Author, 'Homeless Isn't Hopeless'

William Laney is a contributing columnist for The Huffington Post, writing about politics, sports, and social issues. Laney is also the author of the critically-acclaimed "Homeless Isn't Hopeless". Born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, he attended West Virginia University for two years, majoring in journalism, before wanderlust took him wide-eyed into the real world. He worked in management for Loew's Theaters and Hotels in Washington, D.C., Wilmington, Delaware, and Buffalo, New York, before becoming General Manager of Jo-Mor Enterprises--a chain of 13 motion picture theaters in Western New York. From there he ventured into self-employment, with mixed results, in the fields of travel, food sales and service, and time share marketing. He moved to Florida in 1992, where he enjoyed some success, but also encountered health issues and problematic circumstances--actually enduring a period of homelessness. Laney now resides in north central Florida, where he continues his "life-long love affair with writing".