William Lees


William Richard Lees, thats my name. I was born and raised in a paradise known as North Vancouver, Canada from two British parents. Ever since I can remember, we were always on the move heading somewhere, usually back over the water to visit family in the U.K. and Europe. I believe this is where my love for travel blossomed.  Throughout my life I have always had a burning love for sport and competition. At some capacity, I have played pretty much every sport under the sun, whether I was good or awful at it, I always loved to exercise and compete. This grew into my other passion. I attended a terrific highschool, Handsworth Secondary, and was blessed with an incredible group of friends who to this day I am so close with and so incredible blessed to have. The nucleus of our graduating year was a young man wise beyond his years and with the kindest heart you could imagine. His name was Quinn Keast. On our graduation night, Quinn was taken from us much too soon. Upon dealing with tragedy, you learn from the person that you no longer have with you, and amongst the numerous things I learned and continue to learn from Quinns short 18 years, was his appreciation for everything he had, kindness towards others and his ability to live by his mantra ... No Regrets. Set out each day to look back and say that you have No Regrets. Be kind, be happy, appreciative, understanding and go after the things you want. "Leave no good thought unsaid, and live each day to its fullest." When something like this happens, it puts everything into perspective and you see life not for a path already laid out for you, but a lump of clay that you can mould into a masterpiece. The scariest thought in the world to me is looking back at the end of my time here, whenever that may be, and thinking that I didn't make my life special. I didn't pursue what I really wanted and touch peoples lives along the way and that I was given something amazing, and I simply let it unfold. Nothing frightens me more. This is my motivation. This is my dream. That is why I am pursuing my passions of fitness and travel to work towards ticking off everything on my bucket list and living MY No Regrets Lifestyle.