William Volk

Long Time Blogger, Video Game Veteran and Avid Cyclist

William Volk is the creator of ... which started as a commentary on the excesses of the dot-com era in 2001.

William Volk is currently the co-founder and CCO of PlayScreen, LLC and a avid cyclist. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and did graduate work at the Universities of Maryland and New Hampshire ... earning degrees in Physics, Astronomy and Computer Engineering.

In college Mr. Volk participated on the cycling team, a passion that continues to this day. He has written reviews of advanced technology bicycles and organized the "San Diego Streamliner" series of races in the 1990's for these "human powered vehicles."

Volk began his game career in 1979, on the launch team of the computer game division of Avalon Hill, now a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. He authored the Avalon Hill Games Conflict 2500, Voyager 1, and Controller (Air Traffic Control Game).

In 1995 Mr. Volk co-founded Aegis Development, a pioneering firm in the area of multimedia and digital video production. At Aegis, he served as the VP of Development and oversaw the development of some of the first animation and video titling systems for personal computers. Mr. Volk also designed and programmed Aegis Draw and Draw Pro.

Volk served as the Vice President of Technology at Activision, Inc. where he was responsible for the development of the first CD-ROM entertainment project, The Manhole™, and the ‘discovery’ of the product’s talented authors, Rand and Robyn Miller, both of whom would become the creators of the best selling CD-ROM Myst™. Volk created the products that secured Activision’s success, including the highly acclaimed Return to Zork™.

At Lightspan, Inc (a leading educational software company) as chief technologist of gaming technology, Volk managed the programming and Q&A groups. His team produced more than 110 titles for the Sony Playstation.

Volk was co-founder and CTO of where he and his team developed the first bar coded print-at-home grocery coupons available on the Internet. His understanding of the technology, security and interface issues was critical to’s successful launch in 1999. Volk founded ZipProof in 2000, a soft proofing and collaborative software firm used by Print Shops from Colorado to Chile.

Prior to co-founding PlayScreen, Volk served as CEO of Bonus Mobile
Entertainment and co-designed the social mobile game "The Dozens" inspired by the Wayans Brothers card game.

PlayScreen is a leading publisher of iPhone, Google Android and Social Network games.

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