William Werkmeister

Social Venture Capitalist / Policy and Business Writer

William (Bill) Werkmeister is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Bill is an Advisory Partner and VP of Business Development and Finance at Calton Hill Capital, a private holding company which establishes and develops socially-beneficial and cash flow durable companies. Recently, Calton launched Covia Health (, a provider of mobile 3D breast imaging services. He is currently in the process of joining Kariba Cpaital, an investment bank focused on energy, healthcare, and social sector banking, and seeks to establish a fund focused on these areas in the upcoming year.

Earlier in his career, at the age of 26, Bill was a Founding Partner in a series of state-sponsored venture capital funds managed under the moniker Aegis Capital (now Clearspring Capital). Prior to Aegis, Bill served as Treasurer of Newtek Small Business Finance, the nation’s largest non-bank SBA lender, and as an Assistant Vice President of capital raising for Newtek’s venture capital funds. Prior to Newtek, Bill was an investment banker in the corporate finance and structured finance divisions of Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney, where he worked on 14 structured financings totaling over $7 billion in capital raised and several large M&A transactions, including Vivendi’s €1.7 billion disposition of Houghton Mifflin Publishing.

Bill holds a BS summa cum laude from Cornell University in Applied Economics and Business Management, an MPA in Economic Policy from Harvard University, and an MBA from Yale University. He also participated in the Program in Structured Finance at NYU and has conducted additional research and graduate work at the London School of Economics. He has numerous works published in academic journals, including the Harvard Kennedy Review, Harvard’s principal public policy journal.

Bill enjoys travel, skiing, and photography in his spare time.