William Lambers

Author, journalist,and historian. Partnered with UN World Food Programme on the book Ending World Hunger

William Lambers is an author, journalist and historian. His writings have been published by the New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, San Diego Union Tribune, History News Network, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Buffalo News and many other news outlets. His books include Ending World Hunger which features over 50 interviews with officials from the UN World Food Programme and other charities. He is also the author of Nuclear Weapons, Fighting World Hunger With Words from History, The Road to Peace, The Battle of Britain and The Spirit of the Marshall Plan. His writings have also been published in Spectrum, the official magazine of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization. As a prolific Charity Miles user Lambers has run/walked over 3000 miles raising funds for WFP, Stand up 2 Cancer, Save the Children and other charities. He is a member of the Feeding America Blogger Council.