Willice Onyango

Voice Africas Future (VAF) Champion and Chairperson, Kenyan Chapter of the International Youth Council

Willice Onyango is the Voice Africas Future (VAF) Champion. VAF uses the mobile telephone platform to gather African youth visions for post MDGs era..He is also the chairperson of the Kenyan chapter of the International Youth Council. His work centers on global advocacy that puts young people at the heart of development policy and practice, prioritizing the post-2015 agenda. Willice has served as Youth Mobilizer for Rio+ 20 Dialogues, Africa Youth Representative to the Africa We Want Beyond 2015 consultation, and Youth Representative to the Post 2015 High Level Panel Meetings of Imminent Persons in Bali, London and Monrovia. He is a speaker, writer and widely traveled.

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