William J. Carroll

President Hunter Global Education, LLC

Dr. William J. Carroll President Emeritus, Benedictine University and President, Hunter Global Education, LLC William J. Carroll, Ph.D. served as the 10th president of Benedictine University from July 1995 to August 2015. Carroll is a visible and active leader in the community, serves on many boards and has received numerous awards for his leadership in higher education. Through his leadership and innovative ideas, The Chronicle of Higher Education has recognized Benedictine University as “the fastest growing university in the country since 2000.” He initiated free degree programs for First Responders and the Illinois unemployed; built an accelerated adult program to serve adult students throughout Illinois and Mesa, Arizona; revamped the campus buildings and infrastructure; established a branch campuses in Springfield, Illinois and Mesa, Arizona; developed complete on-the-ground programs in China and Vietnam; dramatically increased enrollment of Asian students at the main campus; put in place a growing set of online programs enrolling students across the country; developed nursing completion programs at local community colleges; has overseen campus enrollment growth from 1,400 to more than 10,000 students and has been a leading architect in making Benedictine University one of the most diverse campuses in the country. Most recently, he has formed Hunter Global Education, LLC. Hunter Global Education, LLC (" partners with Asian and American educational institutions, businesses, and individuals to increase their international knowledge, programming, and effectiveness. Through special programming in a variety of topics, knowledge of other cultures and practices are acquired, partnerships formed, and relationships developed. Whether you are a company seeking to expand internationally, a college/university/high school seeking to partner with like institutions and to attract more international students, or an individual seeking to study and to travel abroad. With special emphasis on China, Vietnam, and the United States, HUNTER serves as an educational portal to unlock the doors of cultural ignorance and to open the doors of possibility. . Has significant publications from co-authoring books, to trade publications, to newspaper articles/editorials and blogs. Secured millions of dollars in grants and external funding. Given significant speeches in the U.S. and China