Tricia McCallum

Poet and writer

Tricia McCallum, a Glasgow-born Canadian, is an award-winning writer and poet . McCallum is the author of two books of poetry: The Music of Leaving published in October 2014 by Toronto’s Demeter Press, and Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered in 2011. Her third poetry manuscript is entitled Icarus Also Flew. McCallum’s work, both prose and poetry, has been published widely on and offline. She is particularly proud to have twice won the member-voted poetry competition at along with an Honorable Mention. In her career as a Toronto freelance writer she has written for newsstand magazines and all Canada's major newspapers. Cosmopolitan magazine under the editor Helen Gurley Brown published a total of 20 of McCallum’s poems throughout the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, more than that of any other poet. McCallum also publishes fiction. Her short story “What Gets Lost” appeared in the literary journal Quarry and her short story “Clutter” won a national newspaper award for fiction writing. But her first passion remains poetry and says her poems are about commonplace things, but stresses that they are not necessarily simple. “The abstract never drew me,” McCallum explains. “I don’t think in those terms. The day-to-day world and all its supposedly mundane detail provides me more than I need. “To me it’s not mundane,” says Tricia. “To me, it’s magic.”

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