Stacey Morris

Writer, Transformation Specialist, Recovering Amercian, Food Lover

Stacey Morris is a journalist, food writer and a self-described "recovering american" who dropped 180 pounds without dieting, surgery or "any of the miracle gimmicks pedaled to the masses of Americans trapped in the cycle of overindulging and dieting," she explains. If a diet and exercise plan were really what I needed, the weight would have been gone decades ago," she says. "As someone who loved food far too much, to the point of misusing it, I knew the weight would never stay off until I dug into the reasons I was drugging myself with it," Morris reveals. "Daring to go where I never wanted to changed my life forever." She doesn't deny that she'll always be a food lover, and admitting that is a key part of why she's kept the weight off for nearly four years. "I enjoy food more than I did when I was a binge-eater, but it's a different ball game. I eat with awareness now... no longer in a trance," she says. Morris's writing nowadays is dedicated to more than just the brass tacks of how she got rid of the weight and is keeping it off. She touches on subjects ranging from the often-ignored right to respect and dignity for people of size to how the shame from being bullied at school often results in eating for emotional comfort to her outrage over fast food chains and food corporations "inventing foods designed to addict us." Her website is: