Jerry Ashton

EVP and Co-Founder of RIP Medical Debt and patient advocate

Jerry Ashton is a forty-year veteran and responsible member in the credit and collections industry. As well, Jerry chronicled and participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement almost since its inception. He has become an “unintended activist” through both experiences - especially in the world of unpaid and unpayable medical debt. Out of this effort has come a nonprofit called RIP Medical Debt, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which intends to search out, locate and buy unpaid and unpayable medical debt for one sole purpose - to forgive it. If you have any question as to the dangers medical debt exposes Americans to (along with solutions), visit Amazon to find "The Patient, The Doctor, and the Bill Collector: A Medical Collections Survival Guide" that he co-wrote with Robert Goff. Yes. You WILL need a survival guide. Given this current administration - big time!