Wyatt Closs

A sociocultural writer and thinker keeping it vibrant and spicy -- Politics, Culture, Travel, Whatever

A Seasoned Creative Public Affairs Beast, Wyatt Closs thrives on and evangelizes about tight beats and social justice in the same breath. He pokes provocative questions and then dares to find solutions with others. As Principal for Big Bowl of Ideas, he's pouring his 20 years of political campaign management, special event production, racial justice advocacy, fanatical music listening, coalition building, popular culture adventures, community organizing, creative writing and production, legislation, media relations spectacles, major conference planning, and strategic giving into this blog. He wants the world to be as cool as its potential. Until then, he will write, tweet, strategize, organize and film to make it so. It’s a body of work that has largely been guided by the principles of opportunity, fairness, and vibrancy. He's worn a lot of hats. Several of them on a senior level for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for over 10 years but also working on Capitol Hill, directing the Madame Zenobia art events collective, PopWork USA and more recently writing for All of these skills and experiences used to be compartmentalized in his career but now they’re all just one big gumbo. Every day is a different mix of work. And he likes it like that. A North Carolina native living in Los Angeles, with serious residential time in Washington, DC and New York City along the way.