XPRIZE Foundation

To Build a Bridge to Abundance for All

We are XPRIZE. We are the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. We believe that inherent to every individual on the planet is a creative, entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, and as a global community – or crowd – we can activate this ingenuity and create innovation to collectively solve the Earth’s most pressing problems. Technology that was once only accessible to government and big business, is now in the hands of and -- in terms of smart phones – the pockets of individuals. This has led to the democratization of problem solving. XPRIZE uses this to design an intricate instrument to leverage the global crowd to source these necessary solutions, moonshots that accelerate the pace of invention for desperately-needed innovation. With this innovation, humanity as a whole benefits by having access to what was once scarce, and is now made abundant. This includes basic human necessities like clean water, access to quality healthcare, education and learning, safe and affordable housing, space exploration, food and nutrition, a sustainable planet and environment, personal safety and security. This, we believe, is true abundance for all.