Yasmine Arrington

Finalist for the Peace First Prize, Founder of ScholarCHIPS

Yasmine Arrington is a finalist for the Peace First Prize - a nation-wide search to identify and celebrate young people transforming their schools and communities into more peaceful and just places. Modeled as a “Nobel Peace Prize” for youth, the Prize rewards powerful acts of peacemaking and inspires others to take action.
From a young age, Yasmine had to face being ostracized on top of the already heavy emotional and financial burdens that came with being the daughter of her incarcerated father. She realized how freeing a higher education can be, and she wanted youth in the same position as her “to have the privilege to experience this kind of freedom, so they may not only lead a better life than their families, but also provide a better life for their future families.” At 16, she founded a scholarship and mentoring non-profit called ScholarCHIPS. ScholarCHIPS awards $2,500 scholarships and $250 book awards to deserving youths with incarcerated parents, as well as provides a network of mentors and support groups that can help them not only with their day-to-day struggles, but with undertaking the task of reestablishing their relationship with their incarcerated family member. Yasmine knows that “ScholarCHIPS will be a renowned promoter of education, a strong voice for this demographic of youth, and a force to be reckoned with in the DC Metropolitan area and throughout the United States.”

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