Yassin K. Fawaz

Yassin K. Fawaz is an American business executive, publisher and security and terrorism expert.

Yassin K. Fawaz is the Chief Executive Officer of the Raddington Group, the pre-eminent global political risk and business intelligence company. The Raddington Group is a leader in its field, helping commercial, government, and individual clients navigate complex international challenges. A highly-regarded global thinker, Fawaz advises some of the world’s most prominent politicians, diplomats, business executives, and government officials on geopolitical and international security issues. Fawaz’s career has spanned numerous countries and industries, and his experience ranges from government and national security to international business. He frequently conducts negotiations and mediates discussions at the head of state, head of government, and cabinet levels, and across countries’ military and intelligence leadership. He has been involved in numerous cross-border financial transactions and has structured and closed deals worth billions of dollars. He has extensive experience in security, telecommunications, commodities, energy, and infrastructure development sectors. Fawaz is the publisher of the Raddington Report, a new media brand that helps readers makes sense of the most pressing and complex global issues, from business and politics to security to technology and culture. Reporting stories from around the world, Raddington Report has been created to change the way that stories are reported in the global marketplace. His insights into geopolitical, macroeconomic, and security issues are frequently published in the world’s leading publications, including Forbes Magazine, The Hill, The National Interest, The Daily Caller, Al Jazeera, Real Clear Energy, VICE News, The Diplomat, The Huffington Post, and the Sunday Times of London.