Yitz Jordan

a.k.a. Y-Love, a social media developer, activist, and critically acclaimed gay ex-Hasidic Jewish hip-hop artist

Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is a critically acclaimed, revolutionary, ex-Hasidic Jewish hip-hop artist making his name in the world of urban music. Called "the soundtrack to social progression" by URB Magazine, Y-Love refers to his style as "global hip-hop," seamlessly weaving multiple languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, and Latin. Y-Love has been featured in media outlets worldwide from the Conan O'Brien Show to BBC World TV, spreading his message of social justice and harmony "using hip-hop to elevate, not to tranquilize." As XXL Magazine said, Y-Love is "making hip-hop kosher." Y-Love made history in May 2012 when he came out of the closet as gay in OUT Magazine, and has been since touring and writing against homophobia and his unexpected acceptance by the ultra-Orthodox community he left.

Y-Love has been blogging on Jewish and social issues since 2006, and has been featured in numerous outlets such as Jewlicious, Jewschool, Mideast Youth, and The Jerusalem Post.