Akoshia Yoba

The Book Sculptor

Loquacious and an avid reader since early childhood, Akoshia continues to interpret the world around her using a wide variety of genres and communication platforms. Akoshia's work ranges from blogs, radio shows, motivational workshops, screen plays, books, marketing copy, manuals, speeches and proposal writing. Writing fiction and nonfiction has been her passionate commitment for more than three decades. Her ability for succinct, encouraging, inspirational and objective delivery enables her to reach a wide ranging audience. She has worked with Susan L. Taylor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the National CARES Mentoring Movement and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Essence magazine, on a training manual for mentor recruitment entitled, "A New Way Forward." As co-author of the book, Please Return My Phone Call: Preventing the Demise of Personal and Professional Relationships, Akoshia collaborated with co-author and brother, actor and activist Malik Yoba. The duo have consulted with dozens of corporate, nonprofit and educational institutions, to create customized seminars exploring the impact of personal integrity and accountability on effective business communications and ultimately a company’s bottom line. She still continues this work on a consultant basis. Akoshia produced and presented weekly radio segments on holistic relationship health, for WHCR 90.3 FM (The City College of New York’s radio station) where she co-hosted the show "A Lesson in Affection.” She is the creative mind behind the podcast, 'So She Says…" and plans to publish a book with the same title.