Yanna Bat Adam, Heartist

Heartist, artist, writer, musician, kite master, mother, Founder of The School of the Heartist

A professional Contemporary Multi Media Artist.

YoHana [Yanna] Bat Adam was born in 1956 in Warsaw, Poland, to a Holocaust survivor. The following year her family settled in Israel.
After completing her degree in flute playing and electro-acoustical composition at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University in Israel, she began to explore different media.
From 1989 to 1995, she opened the first kite store/studio in Israel and became internationally known as a kite artist.
From 1996 to 1999, she hung the aerial designs she had created in large interior spaces of public buildings and placed her sculptures in hospitals and hotels in Israel, where they still may be seen.
In April 2000, she began painting. Her works on silk, canvas or wood are mostly inspired by the different esoteric practices she has met while looking for an answer to the question “What’s the meaning of my life?”
YoHana’s paintings can be found in exhibitions, on her web gallery and in the private collections of spiritual seekers whose hearts resonate with hers.
In addition YoHana’s artistic abilities are manifested on the theater stage, creating huge stage sets and customs, in original painted furniture, and in music.
YoHana is creating in CA for the last 6 years and she continues researching the esoteric realm and applying what she learns to her musical and artistic Being.

In 2013 YoHana entered the Digital Art media presenting her paintings, which depict, among others, the spiritual meaning of different Biblical stories.

Consciously loving my neighbor as I love myself is an eBook she published in May 2014. In the book she decodes simple Biblical stories into visual, practical images that can open your heart and revolutionize your perception of reality. “No need to be religious in order to use the stories as a tool to personal growth” she says.
In December 2013 she received a special artist visa that enables her to work as an artist in the USA and share the message of her art of How to Consciously Love

Lately her words and art are manifested in articles she publishes at Tikkun magazine and as a blogger in the Huffington Post where she brings her message of conscious love, bringing light to the territory of the Heart through art.
On January 2015 she founded The School of the Heartist - A conscious school for the arts.
Yanna carries different names.
YoHana, Anicca, Leela, Ania and Yanna.