I am a married mother of 4. I was blessed with 3 boys and graced with one precious girl. My children are 10, 8, 2 and 2 months. I am an author of a biography detailing my life growing up as a ward of the state and my struggle to success. My book is entitled "I'm Good." I recently developed a nonprofit organization focused on teaching young women writing and reading as a a form of coping. My nonprofit encourages young women to share their story, to talk and not be afraid of what others might think. Therefore, my nonprofit is Can We Talk Inc. I am a young 29 year old individual that just enjoys helping others, making a difference and fighting my way through many obstacles in order to obtain success. I am dedicated to being a mentor and friend to young women that struggle with many ordeals and don't know how to handle it in an effective, positive manner. I love to write, read, and sing. Anything that allows me to use my voice, is a gift to me.

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