Yvonne Gustafson

Parent educator, Your Parenting Matters, llc. Author of Tools For the Toddler Years.

Parent educator, certified family facilitator, consultant for businesses, organizations, and the media, as well as a mom. She’s been called “the manual children should come with” and is the co-author of Tools For the Toddler Years: Parenting support for the time-crunched, always interrupted, mobile, multi-tasking parents of toddlers. Before founding Your Parenting Matters she was the resident parent educator at a major U.S. hospital, where she was also the wise and compassionate voice on the Parent Helpline.
Her work is grounded in both a deep understanding of child development and a constant attention to parental needs, stressors, and overall family dynamics. She focuses not only on solutions that work, but that build parent confidence and ready parents for their next challenge.